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Emo Trance
You may have heard of aura's, chakras and meridian lines/points.
Emo Trance is the whole of our energy system incorporating the above systems.

Emo Trance is simple to learn and can be used throughout your life to release unwanted or unresourceful emotions.

Our mind and body are connected so any emotion, trauma, pain, depression, frustration, even something like shame can affect us physically.

Energy is always moving, however, if there is a blockage or the energy becomes sluggish it can show up in our bodies in some way, such as a headache.

What you need to do is to get in touch with the emotion and the issue, if unable to do that via the body's indicator and let the energy block, soften and flow, enabling the blockage to be released naturally and completely.

Emo Trance can be applied to every area of your life to ensure the even flow of life's energy. You will quickly start to notice how much better you will feel and how full of life you are.

With Emo Trance you can get your life's energy system softening, flowing and releasing the emotions and the issues so your body is left with a joyous, loving feeling and even a smile.

Emo Trance was developed by Silvia Hartmann PHD.

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