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Emotional Freedom Technique
Research has proved that distress, anxiety and emotions can be stored in your body.

By finding the trigger for these emotions and then simply stimulating the relevant meridian points, any negative emotions can be released from your body.

The Trigger may be a fear, phobia, an addiction or emotion that has been held in the body following an unhappy experience.

This remarkable technique is easy to learn, so you will always have the skill to use to eliminate distress and anxiety if you need to.

If you have had a negative experience that you feel is holding you back in some way, stop letting it control you. Come and learn how to "tap the meridian points"

This therapy is called "Tapping", simply because you tap the meridian areas on your body to stimulate the release of the emotion.

E.F.T. has a surprisingly positive effect on all manner of problems, be they, emotional, physical or behavioural issues.

Open your mind to a new you, You have everything to gain and bad memories to leave behind.

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