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Hopi Ear Candles or Thermal Auricular Therapy.
Thermal Auricular Therapy and the use of special candles can be traced back to the Native American Indians and was brought to Europe by the Oldest Pueblo tribe who are called "Hopi people" Hopi means peaceful. so we call them "peaceful people".

The Hopi people believe in the cleansing FIRE which carries away negative energy and brings harmony to the person and their body.

This is why you may have heard of Hopi Candle treatment.

This treatment is helpful for;
Sinus congestion or pressure, Rhinitis, Excessive ear wax and Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

It is excellent for frequent flyers, it boosts the immune system and is relaxing and calming.

Treatment is as follows:-
- You will be asked to lie on your side on a treatment couch.
- A hollow ear candle made of bees wax, honey and herbs will be placed in your ear and lit.
- The candle has an indication on it to show the lowest point at which the flame should be burnt.

To dispel a myth, ear wax is not drawn from your ear it is only loosened by the warmth that fills your ear cavity and connecting tubes.

Unfortunately, this treatment is unsuitable for people with the following conditions;
? Perforated eardrum
? Ear grommets
? A current ear infection
? Who have recently had a problem with their nervous system.

At your first treatment you will receive a free 30 minutes assessment.

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