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NLP Therapy

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro = The neuro connectors within your mind and body.

Linguistic = The language we use, not only verbal but body language.

Programming = The connections our thoughts make to our life's patterns.

My belief is that "life is wonderful" and that you can change situations if YOU want to. You can recover, change and move on in your life, but only YOU can do it.

How? NLP is an arm of psychotherapy, it has taken what works from other forms of psychotherapy and has developed and improved them.

What can I help you with?

Bereavement and loss; I help you detach from the emotion so that you can move on.

Better Health; I believe that your mind and body are connected, I look at disease, as 'dis-ease' or 'unease'. Become at ease with yourself.

Phobia; I find the trigger or reason for the phobia and, if you wish, together we can remove the trigger or reason.

Stress; together we look at what causes your stress and discuss how to change your reactions to these different situations

Trauma; working together we can remove the negative emotion from the trauma and put your life at ease.

I also help with: Confidence building, Motivation, Goal setting, Depression, Unwanted habits. Unresourceful thoughts and feelings.

Why do you need me? If you see the same thing happening to you time and time again, or you hear yourself saying to yourself "it's happening again". NOW is the time to stop going around in circles and move forward. I facilitate your change, improvement and recovery so you feel and look great.

I will explore with you how to have the best possible relationship with yourself and through that the best relationships with others. Working together we can help you look on life in a better or even wonderful way.


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